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[VIDEO] Hennessey's 1000-HP 2019 Corvette ZR1.

1,000 HP 2019 Corvette ZR1 Runs A 9-Second Quarter Mile: Video 9. by Sam McEachern — Apr 29, 2019; Sponsored Links. We recently shared a video of a 2019 Corvette ZR1 equipped with Hennessey Performance Engineering’s HPE1000 package undergoing. Hennessey Performance shares a roll race between their HPE1000 2019 Corvette ZR1 and a 840-hp Dodge Demon at the Texas test track. 23/07/2018 · It's the creation of Specialty Vehicle Engineering SVE in Tom's River, New Jersey, and with 1000 hp and 875 lb-ft of torque on tap, it's thoroughly ridiculous. Oh, and you can order it at your local Chevy dealer. To create the Yenko Corvette, SVE starts with a 2019 Corvette Grand Sport equipped with the optional Z07 Package. 25/07/2018 · And now, sure to snag the attention of sports car aficionados far and wide comes news of a sinister upgrade package coming courtesy of Specialty Vehicle Engineering. Dubbed the Yenko/SC Stage II Corvette, the jaw-dropping rework transforms a 2019 Corvette Grand Sport from a 460-horsepower vehicle to a 1,000-horsepower monster. 27/07/2018 · Feel like owning a 1,000-horsepower 2019 Corvette? Now you can, but you’d better hurry. Only 25 are being made. Specialty Vehicle Engineering, a major GM supplier, is manufacturing the 2019 Yenko/SC Stage II Corvette, based on the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette.

24/07/2018 · home news 2019 Yenko/SC Stage II Corvette with 1000 HP Starts at $68,995, Plus a Grand Sport. 2019 Yenko/SC Stage II Corvette with 1000 HP Starts at $68,995, Plus a Grand Sport Hurry, limited production run of only 25 offered. It now delivers a whopping 1000 hp. Hennessey Performance offers an HPE1000 upgrade for the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 equipped with the LT5 supercharged engine. Call our high-performance consultants today to schedule your 1,000 horspower ZR1 upgrade today! 28/05/2018 · Because the C8 will be such a radical departure from the get-go, Chevy will build it alongside the C7 at the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette plant for a few years. Chances are, we'll see the C8 or, at the very least, a concept version at Detroit this January. The 1,000 hp C8, however, isn't likely to come until around 2022.

Learn all the capabilities of your new Corvette through the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. This two-day program is available to 2019 Corvette owners at a reduced rate of $1,000 †. Hennessey Performance HPE1000 Supercharged engine upgrades the 2015 - 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Stingray with improved power, performance, horsepower, torque, rwhp and acceleration. Fastest 0-60 mph, 1/4 mile and top speed with supercharged engine motor mods modifications. Faster than Dodge Viper and Porsche Turbo. Hennessey C7 Corvette ran. In any case, Michigan's Specialty Vehicle Engineering will give you a chance to arrange an altered 1,000-drive Yenko/SC Stage II Corvette straightforwardly from a Chevrolet merchant, as either a roadster or convertible, manual or programmed transmission, in any industrial facility Corvette paint shading. In true American form, Specialty Vehicle Engineering says in its brochure that there’s “no substitute for cubic inches or supercharging,” which is why the 1000 HP Corvette features a 6.8-liter bored and stroked V8 based on the Grand Sport’s factory 6.2-liter LT-1 engine.

Being offered at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast Auction with a reserve is the very first 2019 Yenko S/C Corvette Stage II created by SVE out of New Jersey. In 1996, Corvette Grand Sport returned to the lineup with a limited run of 1,000 as a way to mark the end of the fourth-generation Corvette production. This iteration was equipped with the high-performance LT4 V8 in addition to the ZR1 chassis and featured the iconic paint scheme of Admiral Blue with a white stripe and red hash marks. 25/04/2019 · The mad individuals at Hennessey Performance Engineering have created their first 2019 Corvette ZR1 with 1,000 horsepower. To show off their creation, the gang at HPE shared a video of the sports car doing a pull on the dyno. The 1,000 hp comes courtesy of the HPE1000 package for the 2019 Corvette ZR1, which already leaves the. The 200-hp electric appendage will sit up front and power the front wheels, creating a mid-engined, all-wheel-drive, all-American sports car with roughly 1,000 hp. Sold at dealerships next to the Malibu and the Trax. With a traditional carmaker warranty. Which, if it comes true, is bonkers. And then some.

23/07/2018 · Now, the Corvette gets quadruple-digit power, as SVE has announced the availability of the 1000-horsepower 2019 Yenko/SC Stage II Corvette. Based on coupe and convertible versions of the Corvette Grand Sport, it uses a modified, supercharged GM LT1 V8, displacing 6.8 liters. In addition to its 1,000 horsepower, it also produces 850 pound-feet. 24/07/2018 · Specialty Vehicle Engineering, the company that brought us the 2018 Yenko/SC Stage II Camaro with 1,000 horsepower, is back with another ridiculously powerful creation. This time, SVE fitted the 6.8-liter 416 cu-in supercharged LT-1-based engine to the Corvette Grand Sport, and the result is.

Only 25 of These 1,000-Horsepower 2019.

27/04/2019 · Armed with a supercharged LT5 engine and an eargasmic exhaust note, the 1,000-hp Corvette ZR1 was tested on a drag strip to showcase what it can do in a straight-line drive. If you've watched the video by now, you'd know that the Texas-tuned 'Vette did an impressive 9.79 seconds on a standing quarter mile. Motor Trend reviews the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. Find local 2019 Chevrolet Corvette prices online. This exclusive two-day program is included for new 2019 ZR1 owners. † Developed specifically for the supercar, and managed by legendary Corvette racer Ron Fellows, you’ll master Corvette technologies and racing techniques. 24/07/2018 · By Stage II, Specialty Vehicle Engineering refers to a 1,000-horsepower Corvette that will be built in extremely limited numbers. Like the lesser Stage I version packing 835 horsepower, the Stage 2 will number no more than 25 examples of the breed.

[VIDEO] 2019 Corvette ZR1 Drag Race: 850 HP vs 755 HP [VIDEO] Hennessey Performance Honors Heroes and Horsepower in New Video Series Hennessey Performance Details Three New Packages for the 2019 Corvette ZR1. 24/07/2018 · The 1,000-hp Yenko/SC package adds $68,995 to 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Sean Szymkowski July 24, 2018 Comment Now! The Yenko name is still alive and kicking today, thanks to Specialty Vehicle Engineering, which has been applying it to some wild creations in the recent past.

11/12/2017 · Hennessey Promises 1,200-HP Upgrade For New Corvette ZR1. Less potent 800-hp, and 1,000-hp upgrades are also available. The new 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 is the quickest, most powerful supercar the company has ever built. Making its. Hennessey performance has another video out, this time showcasing the incredible engine noise of the Corvette ZR1. You might remember Hennessey Performance from such special projects as the 1,000 hp “Exorcist” Camaro or the rocket-powered living room of a Jeep Trackhawk with an equally ludicrous 1,000 hp. Hennessey really likes their cars. 17/10/2018 · Apart from the 2019 model's refreshed styling, this newest offering isn't too different from last year's Yenko/SC. Just as before, the 2019 Yenko/SC Camaro is offered in two states of tune. Stage 1 gets you 835 hp up 10 hp from 2018, while Stage 2 grants 1,000 hp. 25/07/2018 · 2019 Yenko/SC Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport: Two Legendary Nameplates Meet in One Fast Package With up to 1000 Supercharged horsepower, these Corvette Grand Sport models are oozing with Yenko DNA. 2019 Yenko/SC Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. 1000 HP Stage II supercharger painted in Red. 12/12/2017 · Well, that escalated quickly. Only a month after Chevrolet took the wraps off its new Corvette ZR1, Hennessey Performance Engineering of Sealy, Texas is already out with a series of upgrades for the car, the most potent of which reaches up to 1,200 horsepower. Yes, Hennessey’s HPE1200 Supercharged package will see the ZR1’s new.

Will The C8 Chevrolet Corvette Have Nearly 1,000.

2020 Chevy Corvette Z06 1,000-HP Hennessey Charger Hellcat Review. Hennessey cranks the power on the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat from a currently insane 707 horsepower to 1,000 hp. That’s rather a leap. The Corvette Z06, on the other hand is bone stock, with respect to the video information. 25/11/2019 · If everything pans out, the next Corvette ZR1 would have 900 hp 671 kW / 912 PS. That’s less than the 1,000 hp 746 kW / 1,014 PS that was previously rumored, but it’s still 145 hp 108 kW / 147 PS more than outgoing ZR1.

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